Eco-bags are convenient and profitable

Ecomeshochki are light, transparent bags made of tulle for weighing and storing fruits and vegetables.

What are the advantages of eco-bags over plastic bags?:

1. Reusable.
One eco-bag made of tulle can replace hundreds of single-use polyethylene packaging bags. Eco-bags are easy to wash and can last for more than 2 years.

2. Eco
-friendly Fruits and vegetables that we put in plastic bags absorb microparticles of plastic when they rub against the bag. Some of these particles remain even after we wash the food, and thus microplastics get into our body.
In eco-bags made of tulle, such friction is much less, since the material composition resembles a grid.

3. Caring for the environment
As a rule, we use thin transparent bags only once and immediately throw them in the trash. In Russia, plastic waste is practically not recycled. Thus, each buyer pollutes the environment by several hundred or even thousands of transparent bags per year.
Ecomeshochek will last about 2 years, after which it can be recycled.

4. Convenience
In the eco-meshochka, you can not only bring food from the store, but also store food at home. Since the bags consist of a mesh – they allow air to pass through. Fruits and vegetables that quickly deteriorate in non-breathing plastic bags perfectly retain their freshness in eco-bags. It is also convenient to store nuts and dried fruits in eco-bags.

5. The system
Sets of eco-bags “Crafty House” are multi-colored. This means that you can use a bag of each color for the same product. For example, red bags for tomatoes, green bags for cucumbers. This is a convenient system for making purchases and storing them later.

6. Wide size range
Unlike packing bags, which are all of the same size in the store, the eco-bags set consists of bags of 3 sizes: 20×30 cm, 30×30 cm, 40×30 cm. The set has a convenient bag in which you can put 1 fruit or vegetable and there is a bag in which you can put 1.5 kg of food.

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