Eco bag or plastic bag?

A shopping bag or shopping bag is a great alternative to a plastic bag from the store. Why are bags made of natural fabrics much more effective than bags?

Advantages of eco-bags:

1. Reusable
A plastic shopping bag is usually used from 1 to 5 times and then sent to the trash. Eco-bag will serve its owner for several years.

2. Save money
Now the T-shirt package costs at least 5 rubles in the store. For a year, the average Russian buys 160 packages. It turns out that for a year we spend at least 800 rubles on plastic bags. Eco-bag costs only 380 rubles, but it will serve its owner for several years.

3. Eco-friendly
Every plastic bag, after you throw it away, ends up in a landfill and decomposes for hundreds of years, releasing toxic substances and polluting the soil and groundwater. Eco-bag is made of natural fabric, so it does not cause any harm to the environment.

4. Convenience
The package has to be carried in your hand, which is quite difficult when the weight of the products is several kilograms. The eco-bag has elongated handles, which allows you to hang it on your shoulder, correctly distributing the load and keeping your hands free.

5. Reliability
Packages are often torn, even when the weight of products is less than the maximum permissible. Has this ever happened to you – you are carrying a full bag of groceries down the street and suddenly the handles or bottom come off? This situation, alas, is not uncommon. Because plastic bags in stores are getting thinner and less reliable. Eco-bags in this matter, of course, wins-strong handles and dense fabric can withstand much more weight than bags.

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