Choosing candles: wax or paraffin?

In many cultures, the burning flame of a candle symbolizes: peace, enlightenment, hope and joy. Candles are often used for relaxation and relaxation, creating a pleasant atmosphere. That is why there are candles in almost every home. But which candles are better to choose for your home hearth?
At Crafty House, we make and use only eco-friendly wax candles ourselves. And here’s why:

1. Wax is a natural, safe substance. Paraffin is a synthetic, harmful substance.
Paraffin is a synthetic waxy substance that is obtained from petroleum. During burning, paraffin candles emit dangerous toxic compounds-benzene and toluene. Vapors of these compounds have a bad effect on the circulatory and nervous system, and regular use of paraffin candles can cause dizziness, sleep problems, and complications with internal organs such as the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Natural wax candles have no side effects on human health. On the contrary, wax-as an organic, natural substance has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

2. The aromas of wax candles taste better than paraffin candles and have a therapeutic effect.
Synthetic fragrances are added to paraffin candles as flavorings, which do not carry any benefits for the home and the body and, as a rule, have a sharp artificial smell. Natural essential oils are added to wax candles, which means that the smell in the house from such candles is pleasant and they really heal the human body.


  • Candles with lavender oil help reduce blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.
  • Candles with lemon oil are a good natural antiseptic, they have a tonic and analgesic effect, and will benefit people suffering from headaches and puffiness in the home.
  • Candles with raspberry oil are very useful for normalizing the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Candles with lilac oil relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, the scent of lilac promotes a calmer digestion in people suffering from gastritis and ulcers.
  • Strawberry scented candles relieve stress, normalize your mental state, relieve fatigue and nervous strain. This type of aromatherapy is especially useful when recovering from illnesses and surgeries.

3. A wax candle burns 2-3 times longer than a paraffin candle, does not form soot and costs the same amount.
Despite the fact that wax candles at first glance are more expensive than paraffin candles, in fact they are more cost-effective, since wax candles burn 2-3 times longer than paraffin candles. Wax candles smoke 90% less than paraffin candles. Natural cotton and hemp wicks are inserted into wax candles, so they do not produce burning or dark smoke.

4. Wax candles do not leave stains on clothing, home textiles and furniture upholstery.
Soy wax is easy to clean from clothing and textiles with warm water and soap. Paraffin candles, being a product of oil refining, leave greasy oil stains that can only be removed with the help of special stain removers.

5. Wax candles are evidence of the good taste of the owners of the house.
People who choose to decorate the interior with wax candles, a priori have a refined taste. After all, the subconscious craving for natural, refined materials is a real gift that not every candle lover has. Remember that for dinner parties and special events, paraffin candles are bad form, and only natural wax candles should be used to decorate the table and interior at events.

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