Our products at the exhibition “EcoCityExpo 2021”

The Smolensk manufacturer of home textiles, interior candles and sets of disposable eco-dishes, Crafty House, presented the region at the largest federal exhibition dedicated to eco-products EcoGorodExpo 2021 in Moscow.

Smolensk has long been famous for linen and sewing manufactories, so we are especially proud that today we are reviving the folk crafts of our region and producing natural textiles for the kitchen without the use of synthetic fabrics and impregnations. At the EcoGorodExpo 2021 exhibition, we presented a collection of kitchen textiles “Gifts of Nature”. The collection includes tablecloths, napkins, aprons and shopping bags with natural plant prints: lingonberry, clover, pomegranates, leaves, lavender. Moscow received our products very warmly, especially encouraged that buyers are paying more and more attention to the composition of things that they buy in their home, because every family member comes into contact with table textiles during meals. At the exhibition, we were able not only to communicate with the end customers of our products, but also to conclude new contracts with distributors and home goods stores. I am very pleased that our fairly young trademark is already known in different regions of Russia and Belarus, which means that people like Crafty House products and finally beautiful noble textiles are returning to our daily life, replacing oilcloths and plastic bags.

Head of the company Natalia Chadayeva

Crafty House products can be purchased:

  • “Obschepit Hyper”, Smolensk, 25 September str. 49
  • Office “Crafty House” Smolensk, st. Soboleva 104
  • Marketplace “Wildberries” brand “CraftyHouse”

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